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Arrival: 2015-05-25 | Departure: 2015-05-26 | Rooms: 1 | Nights: 1 | Adults per room: 2 | Babies: 0 | Total adults: 2
Double Room
Room #10 & #11 These two rooms are beautifully decorated in there very distinct styles, with a gorgeous blend of old-world intimacy and modern elegance. Both are ideal for couples looking for space of their own, and all afford privacy with their location in a quiet, downstairs reading area as an alternative to the lively main hall upstairs. ​Room #12 & #13 These two double rooms are newly decorated and furnished, and are situated in a freshly renovated lobby overlooking the n...
Price: 500 ILS
Family Private Bath
Room #4: This beautiful, high-ceiling room is ideal for four people. It is conveniently located right next to the front balcony, kitchen, and main lobby. Room #8: A double bed and three singles, plus a bright, spacious bathroom and an out-of-the-way location, make this room a great choice for a family with children, and can also accommodate single guests, couples or groups of friends. Book here and get 10% discount ot the second night and 20% on the third night! Book now pay when...
Price: 440 ILS
Twin Room - Shared Bath
Across the alley from the Fauzi Azar Inn, in a separate building, we have two new twin rooms. With the rooms come a shared kitchen and comfortable sitting area and also a shared shower and toilet. There is the possibility to adding two extra beds if needed. Right outside the rooms a wonderful roof terrace invites you to enjoy the outdoors.There is neither air condition nor WiFi in these Rooms. Guests are welcome to use the WiFi in the Fauzi Azar in across the alley. Breakfast is also serv...
Price: 300 ILS